“FAB Paints and Chemical Industry” LLC, which is among the leading companies on the organization of control systems for product quality during production process, fully ensures the product quality by passing it through tests and examinations.

High qualified specialists working in quality control laboratories of our company and test and examination equipments which are the production of the latest German technology carry out this responsible work.

Laboratory for the Quality Control of Plastic Products, which is situated in the II building of “FAB Academy” itself, consists of 2 laboratories: Dry and Wet Test Laboratories.

Strength, fluidity of product samples, percentage, melting (softening) temperature of inorganic substances within these products, as well as extensibility of the sample products within the certain time frame specified according to the given standards are examined by special test devices and stoves in dry test laboratory.


In wet test laboratory the product’s resistance to pressure is examined in hydraulic test equipment, longevity of the sample in hot and cold water in the rotating apparatus, load tolerance to standards in the free falling test equipment.


The production of water and sewer pipes and pipe accessories, pipe rolls (in a special apparatus), cable ducts, fireproof spirals, oblique cords, curtain rods, tile profiles and other construction products are carried out in “HILLFAN” factory, supplied with extrusion and injection equipments, which are the innovative German technology.


Moreover, the packaging device produced in Italy provides the packaging of the product.

Our company, which always is number one and increases its competitiveness by always using modern technology for keeping its leadership, adds fresh new products to its product varieties, always keeps customer satisfaction on focus, gloriously steps on this challenging and responsible road.

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